Winter Coronation AS LI/2016

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November 18-20 AS LI/2016
Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Sk)
Event Steward
Manyra Thorinsdottir and Dezzrianne Dragnova
Seven Persons Hall, Seven Persons, AB
Above freezing, windy and sunny.
Queen's Rapier Champion Tournament on Saturday
Arts & Science Display
Youth Fighter Practice
Five TUA Classes
Winter Friendship Feast

Event Highlights

Awards given can be found on the Avacal OP

154 attended (including 22 kids!)


  • 1st Course

Bread, Beef soup, cheeses, coleslaw

  • 2nd Course

Lamb Stew, Pork sausage with apples and onions, Saffron Rice, Roasted Gourd,

  • 3rd Course

Poached Pears with Rosewater Snowe, A regularly sweetened snowe will also be available, Gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free (without snowe), Both spiced wine and non-alcoholic options will be available , ‘Banquet’ Platters (A variety of cookies and treats),

3 Bardic events

  • Bardic Hangout
  • Dinner Competition
  • Bardic Circle – After Court!


  • 1. The Bayeux Stitch
  • 2. German Brick Stitch,

Both taught by Lina Joya.

  • 3. Tassel Making Taught by Dorothye Bolton
  • 4. Glass Etching Taught by Li Xia
  • 5. Chatelaine Class Taught by Eira


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