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Date Started: July ASXXV

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preferred name

Joined the SCA in July ASXXV , participating at the then potential incipient shire of Sigelhundas Battle of Shrewsbury tourney. Began fighting as light combatant , dancing maniac and service nut. Lord Thorkel and Sgt. Edward de Wolfe took Alen under their wing to teach the very best of the SCA traditions and history. Applied to Baroness Christiona of Borealis to test for Yeoman in February AS XXV. Successfully passed the sergeants trials to become a Yeoman in June AS XXVI at Borealis Sergeants trials.In July 3-5 of AS XXVII at the first singing morning wake-up song was heard echoing( through the forest ) at Dragon Wood castle to the tune of Skye Boat song . AS XXVIII saw love blossom with Kelda Valder and Alen only to see his first true love pass away in August of AS XXVIII with the shire and friends bidding farewell atop the highest hill in the shire at sunset with the pipes playing "Flowers of the Forest".

Service to the Kingdom, the then new Principality of Avacal and many of the Baronies and shires continued to increase over time. Positions held at one time or another : Dance Master,Herald, Constable; Junior Heavy, Light and Target Marshals , Autocrat, Feastocrat,Scribe, Morning Wake-up Herald, Merchant, Non Alcoholic Tavern keeper, Bard, MIC, Authorized in Light-Heavy -Rapier -Target and Thrown Weapons , Chuirgeon and Constable of Avacal, Light Champion of Avacal, Iron Arrow, Champion of Light Combat - Borealis.

Over the years has raised money in the form of cream pie auctions for An Tir and Avacal totaling nearly $5000.00. Hopes to do the ultimate fundraiser at Pennsic War: Waking the Knowne World tour - 20 Kingdoms - 10 auctions in aid of each travel fund . In some 22 years have participated in some 210 events and some 150 public demos.

Everyone does service in their own way , most times when an event goes well many do not see the flurry of activity that goes on. The gentles who sacrifice time and energy so that friends may enjoy an event take pleasure in providing the service. It has been a pleasure meeting so many, and working until exhaustion just to hear the laughter and song of so many in these current middle ages.

In service to An Tir , Avacal and the Dream until death take me or the world ends....