Avacal June Coronet Tournament XLV/2010

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4-6 June, XLV/2010
Shire of Bitter End Red Deer
Event Stewards
HL Ceara O'Ceallaigh (Andrea Ferron) & HL Tessa (Lori Smith)
Alix Agricultural Grounds (Alix AB)
Slightly overcast, light rain, very heavy but brief storm during the coronet tourney and then sunshine!
Heavy combat tournament, Squires and tournaments in archery, rapier and equestrian.

Event Highlights

There were 29 entrants in the Coronet Lists. The finals were between Hjalti Einarsson, inspired by Tanwen verch Llewelyn and Kirk Einarsson, inspired by Bryjna Lovisdottir of Axewater. Kirk bested Hjalti and won the tourney. Congrats to Kirk and Bryjna, Tanist and Tanista of Avacal!

Don Raoul Delaroche was inducted into the Order of the Pelican. He was put on vigil before the Coronet finals and the elevation took place in evening court.


Kirk Einarsson and Bryjna Lovisdottir were confirmed as Tanist and Tanista of Avacal.

Magy of Aberdeen was inducted into the Order of the Goutte de Sang.

Lauralyn of West Bromwich recieved her Award of Arms from Their Highness' Werner and Helene

The First Coronet Equestrian Games

To the populace of Avacal and our equestrian competitors, a warm thank you and congratulations!

I send my deepest thanks out to all who played in the first Coronet Equestrian Games, to those who were ground crew and the spectators who came to watch.

My thanks to those who brought horses (and rode and were ground crew);

HL Tessa and Thodan with Foxy and Bambi, Miriam with Shiya Joan the Just with Trina Brooke with Buckets and Java

And to our additional riders (and ground crew); Alickina, HL Ceara O'Ceallaigh, Robert of Clan Gunn

And to our ground crew, without which the games could not run; Lyonet, Jade, Irena

Lastly a huge thanks to HL Tessa's parents for all the background work they did which we didn't see but was integral to getting equipment, horses, firewood and any number of other things done for equestrian and the whole event. Also a huge thanks to Tessa for doing all the leg work prior to and after the event. Without her, this event would not fly.

As the games took place after court I could not present the winners of our event for the all in Avacal to see! I will do so now, and prepare a suitable prize upon seeing the winner.

First place with style and grace went to Brooke! Well done!

Second place was the most talented Alickina.

Third place was a tie between Thodan and Robert of Clan Gunn.

Thank you to everyone to see the beginning of something grand!

In Service, Kiera of the Shadows Dragon Slayer of Montengarde (Originally posted to the Avacal Circus)

Squire Tournament Results

Daniel was awarded the prize for Chivalry

John the Unkept was awarded a Dagger for Most Wins which he promtly presented to his Knight, His Highness Wernar

There was a three way tie for most fights. After a hard fought thumb wrestling match, Malcolm de Bruce was awarded a sword.


Pictures of the event can be found at Beothuk of the Beothuks' flick account http://www.flickr.com/photos/beothuk/

And Her Ladyship Althea's flickr account http://www.flickr.com/photos/f_jean/sets/72157624098538007/

Personal Memories

The Saga of the Sons of Einar

As the wind whipped across the plains of Avacal, bringing both rain and radiant blue skies the warriors of the lands met upon the field to determine who would succeed Their Highness’ Wernar Ivarsson II and Hélène Charesse I to the Gryphon’s Thrones. Many valiant heroes vied but only one could be victorious. With growing anticipation the assemblage watched as one by one, competitors were honourably defeated. The bravery and nobility of Avacal’s warriors is great, and each death was dealt swiftly and cleanly to ensure little suffering to those whose day was at an end.

As the bright sun blazoned the white clouds over head, two Squire Brothers remained; His Excellency Viscount Hjalti the Wonder Viking and His Lordship Kirk Einarsson. They fought for the felicity and favor of their fair inspirations Lady Tanwen of the Huscarles and Her Ladyship Bryjna Lovisdottir of Axewater. Kin confronted each other across the cropland knowing that by sundown one would be vanquished and the other would be venerated as Tanist of Avacal. Glorious Sir Einar Vikingsson spoke on behalf of His Excellency Hjalti, words of wisdom and willfulness and of the grace and goodness of Lady Tanwen extolling the virtues of Hjalti and his right to the Thrones. Mighty Thegn Sir Oak Guntharson heroically heralded the humanity of His Lordship Kirk and presented Her Ladyship Bryjna’s beauty for all to behold. Impressing upon all who witnessed the right of Kirk and Bryjna to ascend to the pinnacle of Avacal Society, Sir Oak spoke of lineage, friends, faith and legacy.

Under the watchful eyes of the Sable Lion and Red Gryphon, His Majesty Owain II and His Highness Wernar II, the challengers made obeisance to the Thrones they would represent, the populace they would rule, The Lady they would glorify and The Lord they would defeat. A profound peace fell over the populace as the opponents composed themselves. Searching deep within for that calm lagoon of confidence that would allow them to succeed, they each exchanged intimate introspection with their inspirations. In that brief glance was the pride of those noble ladies, and the knowledge that even if their Lords did not win the day, they would forever respect and know he had done her great homage.

Then suddenly, with a crash of sword on shield they met with a force so fierce those who bore witness could feel it in the marrow of their bones. Two opponents, skilled in the arts of combat and war, with diligent determination exchanging stroke for stroke. Two brothers in arms, fearless with the single-mindedness of the truly stouthearted raining down blows like thunder rolling across the plains. Their dance of death was truly breathtaking to behold. In the end, only one could be victorious. Only one could ascend to the Thrones of Avacal elevating his consort to the Coronet. Kirk’s sword cut an arc in the sky, dazzling Hjalti and breaking down his mighty defenses. As if the sun stood still, slowly Hjalti fell to the earth, his final resting place. The bated breath of the masses was released in harmony and a great sigh swept the world. In that moment of clarity, all beings on earth and in Asgard knew the Norns had chosen rightly and a mighty roar of reverence went up from every voice in attendance.

His Lordship Kirk Einarsson and Her Ladyship Bryjna Lovisdottir were admitted into the court of Their Highness’ as the 29th Heirs to the thrones of Avacal that fateful day of June 5, A.S. 45.

By Adelheid Holtzfallerin