Myrgan Wood's 38th Anniversay

hosted by the Barony of Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), in the Kingdom of Avacal

The event was to celebrate the 38th anniversary of our wonderful barony. There were competitions held to select the new champions of armoured and arrows. Along with tournaments, games, bardic performances and a wonderful feast.

Date: October 7, 2017
Location: Christ Church Anglican, Saskatoon, SK


The event stewards are: Amée Martin and Isobel Black

They have designated stewards for various aspects of this event, including:

Armoured Championship

Hrogn hosted an Armoured tournament that had the following format:
There will be an hour and a half long bearpit welcoming all fighters regardless of if they are vying for Myrg Champ or not. Winner holds the field. Once a fighter gets 3 wins in a row, they get a point and exit the field. Two new fighters take the field. At the end of the tournament, the top 2 vying fighters will face each other in a best 2 of 3 finals for Myrg Champ. If a non-vying fighter achieves one of the highest 2 point totals, there will also be another 2 of 3 for top overall score.
The new champion is Aelhunn Angarsson.

Archery Championship

Matteao hosted a missile championship tournament. During this the participants had to defend a castle, which made them work in a confined space. Next they had to prove their skills in distance. Finally, they were tested in throwing weapons (knives, axes and spears)
The new champion is Magnus.

A&S Classes

Medieval Hats for Camping and Court
Krescentia con Helfenstein taught this class on medieval hats.
The "class" involved having actual example hats for men and women (10-15) available to try on. She would briefly described each hat and the period it was worn, and by what gender if not unisex. Patterns were available for tracing. Fabric options was be discussed (period and not, because of washability after camping events).

Scribal Classes
Two classes were held on painting charters. The first one was to teach the basics, what are charters, how to lay down paint, how to use the 'push and pull' method, how to chose colors, and practice painting. The second was to learn about the next steps to painting charters. They went over adding layers to designs, whitework, and flourishes. They also went over basic scribal oops and how to recover when that mistake happens on a finished piece

Other Activities

Populace Choice A&S Tournament
There was an Arts and Science tournament held during the event. The winner was Elizabeth Rosedaughter.

Take and Make Table
There was a take and make table. There was lots of materials for people to use to make items that could be kept for themselves or donated as largesse.

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