Anniversary Event 2016

hosted by the Barony of Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), in the Kingdom of Avacal

This event was held in the community centre in the village of Claveton Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, October 8, 2016. This event marked the 37th Anniversary of the Barony of Myrgan Wood in the Society of Creative Anachronism.


The well-organized Event Steward was Tommaso Tiepolo (

The Feast Steward is A’dam Kay’eeph ( prepared a wonderful meal of many dishes with moroccan and Indian cuisines.

Schedule (Revised October 3)


Armoured Combat (Sword)

Many armoured combatants registered for the championship competition. About half of them are shown here reporting the the Herald and Previous Champion. The Champion of Sword was Hrogn the Skinpeeler. He is the third fighter from the left in the photo.


Several Archers competed for this championship. Baron Fjall and Baroness Isabelle listen to the terms of the competition read by the Event Steward, Tomasso Tiepolo, with the archers before them. The Champion of Missile Combat was Matteao of Myrgan Wood, in the brown tunic at the right of the group.


Arts and Science Prize Tourney The reigning Arts and Science Champion, HL Cadwyn Wright, who earned her title at Spring Champions in 2016 hosted an Arts & Sciences competition. Anyone can participate by entering something made or developed in the last 12 months. It was a judged tourney and the judging was based on the Score Card and Rubric linked here (and posted on the Arts and Sciences webpage).

There was a tie for the winner of this Arts and Science competition. Portions of the Bayeux Tapestry were embroidered by HL Lina Joya of Grantham Keep (left) and a set of arrows over time in England were made by Master Adam of the Wood (right).

All those competing for championships in Archery or Armoured Combat were required to also display a project or perform a bardic piece. These were not necessarily entered in the competition, however.

Rapier Tourney

The current rapier champion of the Barony of Myrgan Wood, Ansel Derris, ran t a prize tournament at Myrgan Wood's Anniversary, outdoors although it was below zero weather. The winning team of two was Tarquyn of Sergontium and Ljotr Tormodsson. They then fought each other for the single prize, which was taken by Tarquyn.

TUA Classes, Demonstrations, Workshops

Three TUA classes were offered.

Lady Amelinne d'Yvry offered "drop-in" dip pen calligraphy instruction.

Some participants worked on fibre arts projects, some of which were donated to kingdom largesse. HL Lina Joya of Grantham Keep and HL Magy of Aberdeen are shown above.


There were two merchant tables set up that offered a wide variety of Medieval appropriate goods.

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