Skald the Hall

hosted by the Barony of Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), in the Kingdom of Avacal

Their Excellencies of Myrgan Wood, Baron Fjall and Baroness Isabelle, enjoyed the company of Their Majesties Albrecht and Nasheeta at the first Skald the Hall.

This event was held in the Community Hall in Clavet, Saskatchewan approximately 18 km east of Saskatoon on Saturday March 4, 2017. There was also Sunday morning practice for Armoured, Rapier and Youth combat at the Fencing Club in Saskatoon.


The event stewards are: Tarquin of Sergontium and Alric the Indecisive. (However here he seems to be Alric the DragonPlayer!)

They have designated stewards for various aspects of this event, including:

  • Bardic Steward: Lady Seren
  • Dance Steward: Mistress Fabianne
  • Arts and Science Steward: Her Ladyship Cadwyn Wright
  • Game Steward: Viscountess Shunzei no Chikakawa


HL Eira Halladottir and her friend prepared a delicious 14th century feast for 80.

Bardic Championship

A tournament was held to select our very first Bardic Champion of Myrgan Wood - Mistress Fabienne! There were six entrants. This championship was only open to residents of Myrgan Wood, the Sergeantry of Myrgan Wood, and Blood of the Wood.

The competitors were required to declare an inspiration, and also to agree to follow and perform the requirements and duties of the Champions of Myrgan Wood.

Entrants were required to perform two to three pieces. One of the pieces must be period, with documentation tracing the origins of the piece back to SCA time periods. Their entire performance had to be less than 12 minutes total, and could have been any form of performance or entertainment that would have been appropriate to the culture(s) and time period of the SCA. Some bards performed in more than one genre and others all in the same genre.

The entries were judged according to the Myrgan Wood Judging Rubric. Their Excellencies of Myrgan Wood and HL Tomasso Teipolo were the judges.

Other Activities

Her Ladyship Cadwyn Wright, current Arts & Sciences Champion of Myrgan Wood, hosted a prize tourney for failed projects, acknowledging that art is a process.

There was a bardic scavenger hunt prize tourney with participants of all ages.

There was also jousting! Some of the horses clearly ran much faster than others!

And there were other games too!

And there was dance practice before feast, taught by our visiting member from the Kingdom of An Tir.

TUA Classes, Demonstrations, Workshops

  • Roman Dress Making – by HL Saxa Ameilia Africana.
  • Discussion on the Peerages – by HE Roxanne Delaroche.
  • Vocal Warm-up Class< – by HL Tomasso Tiepolo.
  • Small Object Photography – by HL Cadwyn Wright.

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