Spring Champions

hosted by the Barony of Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), in the Kingdom of Avacal

Spring Champions is where Myrgan Wood’s A&S Champion and Rapier Champion are decided. Other activities included Bardic, Archery, Armored Combat and, Youth Combat.

This event was held in the Community Hall in Clavet, Saskatchewan approximately 18 km east of Saskatoon on Saturday May 13, 2017.


The event stewards were: Iris and Faust

They have designated stewards for various aspects of this event, including:

Arts and Science Championship

A tournament was held to select a new Arts and Science champion of Myrgan Wood - Alfdis Hallvardsdottir! There were five entries to the contest, depicted on the left. Alfdis stands with her entry on the right.

Rapier Championship

There was also a tournament held to determine a new Rapier Champion. Viscount Sir Gunther Rorikson Is the new champion. He is the third from the left in the image of Mrgan Wood's previous champion, Ansel Derris, addressing the entrants.

Missile Centathlon

Matteo organized a missile centathlon for the event. Competitors were awarded points for archery, than combat archery (usually with a crossbow), spear throwing, knife throwing, and axe throwing. Adam of the Wood won the competition.

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