Winter Coronation

hosted by the Barony of Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), in the Kingdom of Avacal

This event was held in the Community Hall in Seven Persons, Alberta. Seven Persons is hamlet located approximately 20 kilometres southwest of Medicine Hat on Highway 3. The main event was on Saturday November 19, 2016.

Their Majesties of Avacal, King Arnsbjorn and Queen Inga, invited the populace of Avacal and beyond to witness the Coronation of their heirs, Crown Prince Albrecht von Rugen and Crown Princess Nasheeta al-Rakkasa! (photo below) The main focus of this event was the ceremony surrounding the coronation.


The event stewards were Manyra (Keri-Anne Lawton), HE Dezzrianne (Dezz Windecker-Klassen). They can be reached by email at


There were 132 adults and 22 children in attendance. The gate was run by House DelaRoche.

Winter Friendship Feast Menu

The feast team was lead by Mistress Coryn and included: Peregrine, Caterina, Asa, Kvigr, Svava, Myghchaell, Segdae.

1st Course

2nd Course

3rd Course

The bar was run by Odin's Bastards.

Lunch was prepared by Baron Fjall and his wife.

Photo by Beothuk, posted to Flickr


The hall has the Main Gym) on the first floor, as well as another room, and two rooms on the second floor where activities will be held throughout the day. Note that some activities will be held simultaneously, in different rooms. Most activities are open to the populace. However, some meetings in the second floor rooms on Saturday afternoon are for specific groups only. Some preparation and setup will begin on Friday night at 5 PM.


in the Main Gym:

in the First Floor Room:

in the Second Floor Room #1:

in the Second Floor Room #2:


Photo by Beothuk, posted to Flickr

Championships and/or Competitions

A rapier championship was planned during this event.

Rapier Championship Notification:

Greetings onto the Populace of the Kingdom of Avacal,

On November 19th, AS 51, (being 2016 Gregorian), on behalf of Their Majesties Avacal, I will be holding a rapier tournament to find my successor. The details are as follows:The tournament will be a double elimination tournament. All weapon styles that are allowed for tournaments in the Avacal Book of Rapier are allowed in this tournament. Weapons and secondaries must follow all rules and conventions out lined in the ABR. The first round will be a challenge round.

There will be a Full Processional with Inspirations required, heraldry is suggested. Order of Precedence to be determined by earned Rapier rank only.

Thank you for your time,

Don Robert of Clan Gunn, Queen's Rapier Champion of Avacal

Bardic Competition During Feast

Let’s do Bardic during dinner!! It’s hard to entertain an entire room. Very few Bards are that loud, so let's make it more personal shall we?? I will be giving each table tokens to give to bards that come and entertain them while they are feasting. The Bards who bring me the most tokens (top two Bards) will win themselves a spiffy prize. There will also be a Majesties Choice Prize.

Think 3-4 minutes per performance, in other words a full song. It helps to have a couple of different pieces that have different themes for the table to choose from. You know, love, war etc. Even if you are not competing, sing for your table, you talented people!

Annys Bradwardyn, Avacal Kingdom Bard

A&S Display at Winter Coronation

An Arts and Science tourney had originally been announced. However, the Arts and Science entries were low and ultimately the tourney was cancelled and a display was held instead.

TUA Classes, Demonstrations, Workshops

INSTRUCTOR: Eira, Kingdom Chatelaine

DESCRIPTION: Do you know what a demo is? Did you know they are different types? Come learn about different types of demos and what they can do for your local branch! This class is geared towards everyone! Anyone who has ever been to a demo, likes demos, hates demos or doesn't know what they are is welcome!

INSTRUCTOR: HL Lina Joya of Grantham Keep

DESCRIPTION: Instruction in how to do the embroidery stitch used in the Bayeux Tapestry. Please bring you own embroidery hoop that is 6 inches in diameter or less. Thread and fabric will be provided.

INSTRUCTOR: HL Lina Joya of Grantham Keep

DESCRIPTION: Instruction in how to do the German brick stitch. This stitch is done on canvas so no embroidery hoop is needed. Thread and fabric will be provided.

Class were also taught by Lady Dorothye Bolton and by Li Xia.


Merchant tables were be available in the Centre in a designated area. Tarquyn organized the merchant displays.


There is space in the hall for people to sleep. Bring your own beds and bedding. It is general camping on a gym or carpet floor.

There are many motels in Medicine Hat, which is about a 20 minute drive away. The recommended hotel is:

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