Arnaut de Najac

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Resides: Montengarde
Date Started: Uncertain, around 2007
Awards: Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of Arnaut's awards.
Offices: Wild Rose
Azure, a fess engrailed between three cross crosslets Or

Arnaut de Najac is a 14th century scholar, currently working at the University of Paris as a Master of Arts. He is a scribe, musician and scholar in no particular order.

Within the Society, Arnaut is a Courtier sworn to the service of baroness Una of Montengarde, and a student of Mistress Inga the Unfettered. He also participates in armoured combat, archery, camping, costuming, culinary arts, dancing, heraldry, music, scribal arts and probably some more things. He is a member of the Fines Lames household and Polyphonia.

Arnaut is the current Wild Rose of Montengarde.

Björn Sandberg Lynch joined the SCA in 2007 while living in Gotvik (Göteborg, Sweden), later moved to Thamesreach (London, UK) and moved to Montengarde in 2013. Outside the SCA he enjoys speculative fiction, cooking, astronomy and space exploration.