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For all the happenings within the Kingdom of Avacal

See also Principality of Avacal Timeline

AS L/2015-2016

May 1-3 First Avacal Crown * Shire of Bitter End

Savric and Dalla , King and Queen of An Tir in attendance, 79 Fighters vie for the Crown in a Sweet Sixteen format tournament. Fenrick's vigil and elevation to Knight. Cold weather with snow , wind , rain and frost (-5C). Some 500 atended. Albrecht inspired by Nasheeta Al-Rakkasa become heirs to the Gryphon Throne. Court held indoors. Sir Fenrick elevated to Chivalry. First three Masters of Defense for An Tir elevated.

May 31 Ferret's Feast * Shire of Valley Wold

June 26-28 First Avacal Coronation * Shire of Bitter End

Representatives from eight kingdoms of the Knowne World and the BOD attend . Savric and Dalla , King and Queen of An Tir in attendance. Weather was hot 30C !The reading of the Laws and the Marshallate rules by a chorus of speakers at the eric at 8am. Gunther and Amethyst step down as the last Prince and Princess of the Principality of Avacal. A heartfelt speech and the end of an era to thunderous applause and cheers. An Tir presents a scroll with change of Avacal from principality to kingdom. The release of fealties , champions.The history of Royalty of Avacal is read. The cloud shaped like Fluffy. Sir Albrecht Crowns himself First King of Avacal as the sun breaks out of the clouds and then Crowns his inspiration Nasheeta as First Queen of Avacal. The swearing of fealty by officers and champions and peerage on through to the populace. Behold the 20th Kingdom of the SCA at the start of the Fiftieth Year of the Society .Court lasts well into the evening and begins the next morning.

July 17-19 Valley War * Shire of Valley Wold

Kingdom of Northshield sends Earl Marshal with a banner claiming the lands to be their territory . Baron Fjall of Myrgan Wood rallies the troops and presents a formidable force to oppose the claim. Being outnumbered 15-3 they wisely remove claim until next year. Archery Tournament won by Robert of Ealdomere from Shire of Sigelhundas.

August 28-30 Quad War* Shire of Bordergate

September 3-7 Gimili Event* Barony of Castel Rouge, Kingdom of Northshield

Primarily archery event featuring traditional, novelty and balance targets. Avacal does well with Jake of Sigelhunas and Robert of Ealdomere placing first and second in novelty shooting. Alen Bendbow comes second in Balance (milk carton ) shoot. A well done feast by any standard !

September 19-20 Demo Saskatoon Comic and Entertainment Expo * Barony of Myrgan Wood

September 25-26 Harvest Celebration *Shire of Sigelhundas

Shire Heavy Champion's Tourney round robin best of three format . King and Queen attend. Bard faces music by the King but protected by the Queen

October 3-4 Myrgan Wood 36th Anniversary *Barony of Myrgan Wood

October 23-25 Fall Grand TUA *Shire of Sigelhundas

Tudor Tailors first event in Canada, Duke Paul of Bellatrix come to teach fighting, King and Queen in attendance, Grand fight practice on the Sunday

November 20-22 Second Avacal Crown* Barony of Myrgan Wood

42 Fighters enter lists, Sir Wernar Ivarsson inspired by Hélène Charesse wins the Crown lists , 3 Masters of the Order of Defense,and one Pelican elevated. 37 recognized for long service to Avacal given Augmentation of Arms

December 12 Yule Feast* Barony of Borealis

January 23 Montengarde 12th Night * Barony of Montengarde

February 12-13 Second Avacal February Coronation * Barony of Montengarde

March 18-20 Winter War * Barony of Borealis

April 22-24 Silver Arrow * Shire of Bitter End

April 29 Spring Champions * Barony of Myrgan Wood

AS LI/2016-2017

May 13-15 Grand TUA * Shire of Bitter End

May 21 Ferret's Feast * Shire of Valley Wold

June 3-5 Third Avacal Crown *Shire of Sigelhundas

Echo Lake Provincial Park CataCrown...Crownapillar...CrawlyCrown - -Caterpillars, Silk and Ticks oh my! . 39 Enter the lists Florenpillar - using a snowbrush in each hand to remove the crawling horde from tents

June 11 Silverwolf * Barony of Borealis

June 17-27 Fifty Year Celebration

July 1-3 Third Avacal Coronation * Barony of Montengarde

Emerson Bridge park near Brooks, AB

July 8-10 Valley War * Shire of Valley Wold

AS LII/2017-2018

AS LIII/2018-2019

Winter Crown LIII/2019 Held at Beiseker Community Centre, hosted by the Barony of Montengarde.

AS LIV/2019-2020

  • Coronation of Ivar the Black II and Asney Grimolfrsdottir II - November 16, 2019
  • Multiple events canceled throughout the Known World due to Covid 19 Pandemic including the Rapier and Costuming Symposium that was to be hosted in Avacal.
  • Winter War - March 20-22 canceled.

AS LV/2020-2021

AS LVI/2021-2022

AS LVII/2022-2023

AS LVIII/2023-2024

AS LIX/2024-2025

AS LX/2025-2026