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The Board of Directors (aka BoD, pronounced "bawd") of the SCA, Inc oversee society-wide issues and officers. They meet quarterly to deal with corporate issues. Once a year they hold their meeting in one of the kingdoms.

At one time the Board met in garb at events, and styled themselves "The Imperium". This is no longer the case, however.

(A "keeper" posting from the Steps, Aug 2005.)

For those who may not know, my husband Viscount Sir Donnan (Jeff Brown) is on the Board. I tell you this because I have a built in bias.

The BOARD is not a collection of demons bent on destroying the SCA as we know it. The Board is a collection of people, peers of all sorts, people from many kingdoms who strive to make decisions regarding the direction of the SCA Inc. They are people like those on this list, like those who sit the throne, like those who cook feasts and watch gate. Every six months or so someone rotates on and rotates off the Board. So the Board is not a static entity but an ever changing one. Some would argue that the faces change but the philosophy does not. This is what I would address with all of you.

An organization is as good as the involvement of its people. I think most people would be surprised, maybe even appalled, at the lack of input the Board receives from the populace. We have entrusted our fate to a handful of people and given them very little direction on where the SCA should be heading. I am not encouraging random rants to the Board. I am encouraging a well informed populace that speaks up on matters that are important to them. For some of us it is the Outlands. For some of us it's combat archery, or the NMS. Take the time to be informed. Speak up on things put out for comment. Pay attention to what is being brought forth from the Grand Council. In other words, don't guess at the motives of the Board. Don't sit benignly by and wonder why your needs are not being addressed. Get involved, get informed. You also need to understand that decisions are made to suit 19 (20?) different kingdoms. Someone is going to get upset once and awhile. Different kingdoms have different needs. Every story has many sides. Every decision will have its critics.

Personally, and this will be no surprise to anyone, I appreciate the hard work of those who sit on the Board. They are the ones who have to read the files of child molesters and embezzlers. They have to deal with insurance and IRS issues. For the time away from their kingdoms (Donnan will miss 3 Crown events this year) and their families, they become villains and usurpers. One accusation is that the Board wants to suck the power from the Crowns. I have a hard time with this, as the Chairman of the Board is a Duke (and Laurel) from Caid, on the Board also sits a Countess from Atenveldt. The rest of the Board includes a Viscount/Knight, two Pelicans and two Laurel/ Pelicans. These are people who have invested time and energy into the SCA. Lots of it. Why would they wish to destroy it? Do they share your particular vision of the SCA? Do they even know what it is? Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few (or you?)....maybe...

I have always thought the members of the Board do the best job they can. I, like many of you, do not agree with every decision. So oddly enough, I don't think criticism of the Board is a bad thing in and of itself. My solution is to make my opinion known on the issues that effect me. Apathy and ignorance are the enemy of the SCA, not the Board of Directors.

Back to house cleaning...