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Order of the Children of Saint Ferdinand

Formerly known as the (Order of the Child of the Minotaur)

Given to people who are leaving the Barony to move to another land. This award is at the Baron and Baronesses of Montengarde whim. The award normally comes in the form of a charter or a belt in Black and gold. In Anno Societatis 51, to pass the award at the society level, the awards' name was changed from the "Order of the Child of the Minotaur" to the "Order of the Children of Saint Ferdinand." Ferdinand is the name of the Minotaur on Montengardes' Heraldry.


Current script:

Children of Saint Ferdinand

Peter, Freiherr & Brangwayn, Freifrau

Send greetings to all to whom these present letters shall meet: Know you that our subject has been called from our court, but not from our hearts. Allow this letter to act in our stead to extoll the deeds of ________________________, that all may know them as a member of the Order of the Children of Saint Ferdinand. Made known by our seal, this ___ day of ___________, AS ____.

Wording from the era of Beothuk and Wilma:

If the Minotaur had been given the chance he would have run amuk, striking fear into the hearts of all. Oceans and borders would not have contained him and the world would have trembled at his feet. We, __________ and ______________ Baron and Baroness of :Montengarde know that this spirit of adventure runs strong in their people, sometimes calling them far from our sight.
_____________________ has felt the call of the fates, and while we set them loose upon the world we would bid them remember home and brand them as ours, a Child of the Minotaur.


As listed on the Avacal OP

As OP wildly inaccurate due to often impromptu nature of giving these awards, this is the list according to Montengarde's Baronial Scribal list:

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