Donnan Sionnach

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Resides: Montengarde
Date Started:
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Donnan resides in Montengarde. His wife is Lady Taletta of Circle Hill, The Lady of the Sionnach.

There are three children in the House of Sionnach: Aiden, Rowan & Marissa.


Orginally started in the SCA in Frozen Mountain in 1992.

Moved to Montengarde in 1994. Left the SCA in 1995.

Returned to the SCA in 2009 accompanied by his wife Taletta.

Ogedei Bahadur took Donnan as his Man-at-arms on the last night of his Vigil for Knighthood at Silverwolf in Borealis 2011 (AS XLVI).

Donnan is a Gallowglass warrior. He is a member of one of Norse-Gaelic clans of Scotland. He found himself on the wrong side during the Wars of Scottish Independence in the early 1300's, and left for Ireland with many of his clan’s mates to seek his fame and fortune as a mercenary.

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