Emeric Of Pevensy

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Also known as Shiro


Title: Lordship

Officer Position: served the Shire of Rhuddglyn as the first Seneschal and the second Exchequer

Activities: A&S- Brewing, Jewelry, Costuming, Heraldry, Dancing, Armouring, Reasearch Combat- Heavy Combat Sword and Shield Mass Weapon Bastard Sword Pole Arm

Member of House Homme

Married to Manyra Thorinsdottir

Now inactive.


I born the son of an Anglo-Norman solider and his Irish wife. When dad was killed in a tournament when I was five, mother fostered me to my uncle in Youk, and she returned to Ireland. My uncle taught me metalcraft. But at age 19, I joined King Richard I's crusade to free the Holyland. Disaffected by what I saw on crusade, I never returned to England. Fortune has carried me across the kingdom of An Tir and to the lands of Ealdormere, and back to an under-populated corner of An Tir, where the shire of Rhuddglyn would be established.

Medieval D.O.B: 10/09/1170

Medieval Place of Origin: Pevensey - A town on the south coast of England