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The Golden Link is the Service award for the Barony of Montengarde. The long form is the Order of the Golden Link of the Minotaur's Chain. It is bestowed on by the Baron and Baroness to those that have done service for the Barony. Its members are recommended from the Populace and from the members of the Order.

History of the order

There are those whose tireless service and sacrifice allows us to enjoy the many events and functions that are to be found in the Barony of Montengarde. It is their example which best typifies the volunteer spirit that is the backbone of our Society, without which the tapestry would most certainly all unravel. With this in mind, in the seventeenth year of the Minotaur, being the thirty first year of the Society, Thorwulf and Sapphira chose to create the Baronial Order of the Golden Link, reflecting the chain that is found on the neck of the Baronial Charge and the long tradition of service attached to the Minotaur's Chain.

During the Reign of Malabar and Hero, 7th Baron and Baroness of Montengarde, the tradition of calling the order forward to see the range of gentles who have been inducted into this order. Also for new members to see how many have gained this honour, and to see who is missing from its rolls.

Members of the Order

Adelheid Holtzfallerin (THUA - October 2, 2010)
Aelfwyn the Irresponsible 25-Oct-2003
Ainè Inghean Úi Cuinn (Dragonslayer - July 16, 2016)
Aldreada of the Lakes 23-Jan-1999
Alexander Blacktree (12th Night, Jan 20 2018)
Alice Percy (Samhain, November 8, 2014)
Althea Tambourri (12th Night, Jan 16, 2010)
Alys Valravn (12th Night, January 14 2012)
Amish Many Shield (Dragonslayer - July 7 2012)
Ana dela Mariquita (Investiture Feb 24 2007)
Angus MacLomainn (Dragonslayer - July 24, 2010)
Annys Bradwardyn 9-May-2003
Argento Brunelli (Dragonslayer July 25, 2009)
Arnolt Breaksword 18-Jan-2003
Askell Feetfoot 27-Oct-2001
Asa Nordoster (12th Night - January 21, 2017)
Audrey Hampton (12th Night - January 23, 2016)
Bartholomew Reynold Codline - (12th Night January 19, 2008)
Bazz Steinsson - (12th Night January 19, 2008)
Beothuk of the Beothuks (Harvest Feast Bitter End 2006)
Bieiris de Romans (Dragonslayer July 6, 2013)
Bjar the Blue (May Crown 2009)
Bóthæiðr Sigarsdóttir (Samhain, November 5, 2016)
Brigitte Valravn (12th Night, January 14 2012)
Bronwyn the Ever Present (Montengarde 12th Night, Jan 16, 2010)
Bryanna Lovisdottir of Axe Water (Harvest Feast Sept 8, 2007)
Caiaphas, Durant Ramberti (12th Night - January 18, 2014)
Cailin Ingen Ui Dalaig 19-Jan-2002
Cassandra (Dragonslayer - July 8, 2017)
Caterina Etcetera also known as Caterina d'Alessandro Franceschi da Firenze and as her page boy Pier Francesco da Montefiore (Beltaine May 29, 2010)
Cathan Wolfstalker 25-Jan-1997
Cattea the Studious 25-Oct-2003
Charlette Lupus 27-Oct-2001
Cormac MacAenghusa – (Beltain May 10, 2008)
Custance Featherstonehaugh 21-Jun-1997
Dalton Arundel 30-Jun-2002
Dauphina del Lago (Dragonslayer, July 9 2011)
Donnan Sionnach (Sprint Thua, April 21 2012)
Duncan the Rat
Dympnar Squire Basher 6-Sep-1997
Eðla Þunnkárr (12th Night, Jan 20 2018
Eibheir O’Seanachain 19-Jan-2002
Elizabeth Pendeo (Beltaine, May 2 2009)
Ellias Silver (Dragonslayer - July 24, 2010)
Fáelán O’Daláigh (Spring Thua, April 21 2012)
Falki Ostervand (Samhain, November 4, 2017)
Findabhair na Noinini (Investiture Febuary 24 2007) name changed in 2010 to Fionnghuala ingen Chellaig
Francis Coulter Hill (Beltaine, May 2, 2009)
Freydis Mouse Birthesdottir (12th Night, January 21, 2017)
Gabrielle of the Leaf (A lady of Bitter End, given at Coronet, June 5, 2010)
Galen 15-Jun-2002
Gareth Haydon (Quad War, August 2, 2008) (name on the scroll is Gareth Stringbreaker. Should probably be Gareth "The Stringbreaker" Haydon)
Gemma Delaroche 27-Apr-2002 (under the name "Gemme Mena of Cur Elmo's Keep)
Gerrik the Norman 2007
Giuliana Bianca Visconti (Dragonslayer, July 6 2013)
Grioffa Stoneheart (Dragonslayer, July 6 2013)
Haakon Gjefle Nielson (Samhain, Nov 3, 2018)
Halfdane Eastbourne 21-Jun-1997
Henry IV of Bohemia 12th Night Jan 19 2013
Hero the Responsible 21-Jun-2003
Hrothgar Thorwulfsson 18-Jan-2003
Irisko the Effervescent 2007
James Bucking (Dragonslayer, July 14, 2018)
James the Quixotic (July 22, 2006)
Juilianna Ni Lachlanna 30-Jun-2002
Kain Hrafn Dryani 30-Jun-2002
Karina de Elephantide (Samhain, Nov 3, 2018)
Kata Valravn (12th Night, January 14 2012)
Kataryna Dragonweaver 25-Oct-2003
Kathryn inghean Ui Mhaonaigh (Montengarde 12th Night, Jan 16, 2010 as Kathryn Inghean Maunaigh)
Keirfaol (12th Night - January 14, 2012)
Kierra of the Shadows – (Beltain May 10, 2008)
Kirk Einarsson – (Dragonslayer July 12, 2008)
Kraig Landentall 27-Apr-2001
Lianor de Najera – (Beltain May 10, 2008)
Lorette de Chasteauneuf - (Samhain Nov 4, 2017)
Madb 2007
Madeline de Rouns 23-Jan-1999
Mainsbridge Knightsbane 19-Jan-2002
Malabar Membro Spaccata (12th Night Jan 17 2009)
Malcolm de Bruce (of Bitter End, Coronet June 5, 2010)
Margaretta Vandenvelde 1-May-2005 (Her name has also been spelled Margareta vanden Velde)
Marie de Monte (May 7, 2011 Beltaine)
Marion of the Mystic Moon (Beltaine, May 2, 2009)
Martin McDuff (Quad War - August 5, 2012)
Mary of Redheugh (Dragonslayer - July 7 2012)
Medb Polestripper (Snoweaters - October 14, 2017)
Michael O’Byrne 26-Sep-1998
Mirr Merat al-Qasab (Windgate May 8, 2010)
Mordecai Salzer 22-Jan-1998
Morrigan Clubfoot (Quad War, August 2, 2008)
Murchad Mac Artal 25-Oct-2003
Nan Compton 21-Jun-1997
Nataschja Bergeron (Samhain, Nov 4 2017)
Oenghus bally Mullanney (Samhain, November 5, 2016)
Ogedei Bahadur Montengarde 12th Night January 15, 2011)
Osric Dragonslayer - July 7, 2012
Peter Goddard (Montengarde 12th Night, Jan 16, 2010)(Also known as Peter von Setzingen as of May 2010)
Quon Jien (Beltaine, May 7 2011]]
Rashid Al Hassan once known as Guy of Aldernay 20-Jun-1998
Raven Winterheart (Harvest Feast Bitter End 2006)
Rhona of Montengarde (Quad War - August 5, 2012)
Robert Faustus (Beltain, April 28 2007)
Robert of Nott (Samhain, September 3, 2012)
Roya Esfandiari (Samhain, Nov 4, 2017)
Runa Tryvggvesdottir 29-Nov-2003
Shane of Isormr ( Beltaine, May 2, 2009)
Sigfuss Einholtston (Dragonslayer, July 16, 2016)
Skayne Tyrson (Dragonslayer, July 8, 2017)
Skeld the Peacemaker (Dragonslayer, June 14, 2014)
Steinn Vikingsson 23-Oct-2004
Taletta of Circle Hill (Montengarde 12th Night, January 15 2011)
Tatiana Radokazaia Codlin 23-Oct-2004
Tazii (Dragonslayer July 25, 2009)
Tchaatz Prunell the Everwandering 21-Jun-2003
Terrell al-Qasab (Windgate - May 8, 2010
Thisbe La Blanchette - (Dragonslayer, July 14, 2018)
Thorgeir Ingvarsson - (12th Night January 19, 2008)
Thorunn (Quad War - August 5, 2012)
Thorvald Grimsson 18-Jan-2003
Tighearnán Ó Cuinn (Dragonslayer - July 16, 2016)
Til Eulenspetzle (12th Night, January 14 2012)
Timothy of Sherwood whose full name is - Timothy, the focused, of the Four Hills of Sherwood – (Dragonslayer July 12, 2008)
Tjorvi Fasthaldi 15-Jun-2002
Tonis Van Hoorn (Samhain, November 8, 2014)
Tygar of Skagen 21-Jun-1997
Una Heinrichsdottir (Samhain, November 3, 2018)
Varrus Lupus
Vladimir 12th Night Jan 19 2013
William Ælfwald of Redheugh Dragonslayer - July 7, 2012
William Bennet 17-Jun-2001
Wrothgar Thorwulfson 18-Jan-2003

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