Odli Goodwater

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Award of Arms - Sept 19 AS 33 / 1998

Rapier Champion (Avacal) - Feb 26 AS 34 / 2000

Rapier Champion (Harrows Cross) - July 8 AS 35 / 2000 through July 7 AS 36 / 2001

Elder (Avacal) - Feb 24 AS 35 / 2001

Champion of Rapier (Borealis) - Apr 6 AS 35 / 2001

Rapier Champion (Harrows Cross) - July 7 AS 36 / 2001 through July 6 AS 37 / 2002

Rapier Champion (Harrows Cross) - July 6 AS 37 / 2002 through July 8 AS 38 / 2003

Lord Elder Odli Goodwater, along with his lady Mercedes, passed from this world in a tragic plane accident on July 8, 2003. The plane went missing on a flight from Golden, BC to Calgary, AB. The wreckage was found by a hanglider pilot later on.

Odli was known for many things in the SCA; Bardic & Brewing being the ones that most people remember the best. Those people who called him friend remember him for his kind spirit, his sharp wit, & his willingness to do anything for someone he loved. I know that I and many others will continue to miss him for the rest of our days. When he passed, he took a piece of The Dream with him, a piece that can never be put back in place.

Even though it has been years since he left us, whenever I think of him I still start to weep. I hope these emotions never leave me, for it shows what an amazing impact this person had on me & my life. He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. I will ensure that.

-Morris Kendrick, 2005.

This gentle's name has been entered on the Scroll of Honour - Avacal Remembers.