Order of the Emerald Rose

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Barony of Montengarde: Bestowed upon the champion of Arts and Sciences. Awarded at the whim of the Baron and Baroness to those whose creative work in Montengarde has brought renown to the Barony and furthered A&S among the populace.

Members of the Order of the Emerald Rose

Avacal OP

Here is a List of the former Champions of Arts and Sciences of Montengarde and the years they held the office if we have that information:

1987 Randwulf Aylen
1988 Diana the Fiesty
1989 Ara the Trespassed
1990 Eric the Trespasser
1991 Valentine
1992 Enid ferch Rhodri
1993 Aethelhere the Unsteady
1994 Anastasia de Vaucouleurs
1995 Eirika mjöksiglanda aka Eirika Francesca Pacchioni
1996 Margaret of Newark Abbey
1997 Myfawnwy Awenyddion
1998 Halfdane Eastborn
1999 Odli Goodwater
2000 Buan nic Tearlach
2001 Nan Compton
2002 Hero the Responsible
2003 Gemma Meena of Cur Elmo's Keep (aka Gemma Delaroche)
2004 - Baronial Changeover - Champion held for 2 years?
2005 Dyrfinna the Wanderer
2006 Findabhair na Noinini
2007 Bushra al Jazerii el Nahr (aka Morrigan Clubfoot 2007-2008)
2008 Bryjna Lovisdottir of Axewater 2008-2009
2009 Ellias Silver 2009-2010
2010 Adelheid Holtzfallerin 2010-2011
2011 Bjar the Blue 2011-2012
2012 Bronwyn the Ever Present
2013 Caterina Etcetera- 2012-2013
2014 Grioffa Stoneheart won it but had to move and Sorcha de Lenche stepped in
2015 Drífa at lækjarmóti
2016 Drífa at lækjarmóti won again
2017 Alice Percy
Custance Frideswide Featherstonehaugh (?)

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