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Polyphonia is Montengarde's Music Group started by Lady Margareta vanden Velde in 2003 as a choral group determined to sing and perform period songs from memory. Polyphonia has self-recorded 2 CD's "Music for Christmas and Any Other Season" and "Polyphonia Puts the F in F Sharp."

In 2016 the performed with Anys Bradwardyn the Count Albrecht von Rugen song, a practice copy of which was put up on youtube. [1]

As of 2016 the group is still meeting regularily to practice and will often perform at one or two events a year.

Polyphonia Members

Membership has fluctuated over the years with people joining and dropping out. This list is composed from Althea's human memory assisted by photographic evidence of performances. If someone is missing and should be added, please fix!

Margareta vanden Velde
Thorvald Grimsson
Heinrich von Stuttgart
Heregyth Ketilsdottir
Pier Francesco
Adelheid Holtzfallerin
Francis Coulter Hill
Althea Tambourri
Shariya Shirin Khayzuran bint Shahzadeh
Q. Mueller
Demetra ap Samarkand
Laurelyn of WestBromwich
Hirota Kenshin
Caiaphas, Durant Ramberti
Philomena of Bence
Wee Mad Emmy (trying to conduct the choir at the age of 2 at 12th Night - we believe that counts)
Bridget the Curious
Gelis An Ceol
Aida Machiavelli
HL Ursula
HL Nicole
Isybel the Good
Charles of Jarrow
Bieiris de Romans
Sorcha de Lenche
Arnaut de Najac

Photos of the Group

A gallery from Flickr of multiple years of Polyphonia [2]

October Ithra 2003 - The first performance (from Althea's Flickr) [3]
Samhain 2004(? From Beothuk's Flickr) [4]
Polyphonia's "Extravaganza" 2006 (From Althea's Flickr) [5]
12th Night 2008 (From Althea's Flickr)[6]
12th Night 2010 (From Francis' Flickr [7]
Tavern in 2011 (From Althea's Flickr) [8]
Pillage the Village Demo 2014 (From Althea's Flickr) [9]