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[[File:]]Dáire Ó Lochlainn
Resides: Avacal
Date Started: February 2021
Awards: Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

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Dáire Ó Lochlainn Dáire was born in Derry in 954. He was raised by the Brothers of St Columba and has served them in many capacities over the years. Born to an Irish mother and Norse father, Dáire straddles the bridge of the Hiberno-Norse of late 10th-century Ireland.

Dáire lives in King's Land between the Barony of Montengarde and the Shire of Ayresgarde, 'guarding' the Pass of Kicking Horses against incursion from Tir Righ.

Still finding his feet within the Kingdom, Dáire very much enjoys partaking in and delivering classes as he explores the offerings of the Kingdom and the Known World.


  • History of the Hiberno-Norse period of Ireland
  • Travels by boat and on foot in the North Atlantic and on the Continent
  • Listening to, and retelling, travelers' tales
  • Period medical and disability studies
  • Teaching and learning

Classes Taught

  • Columbus was not First: European exploration in the Atlantic and the 'Americas', pre-1492
  • Agriculture in early Ireland
  • Ambroise Paré: the new breed of barber-surgeon
  • Archery in Medieval Ireland
  • Improving Mobility: walking aids and prostheses in the Middle Ages
  • The Irish Mether: a ritual drinking vessel


  • Student to Kataryna Tkach (also known as Kataryna Dragonweaver)
  • 'Five-year plan' studying for Sergeantry (Courtier - A&S)


  • Defender of Arts and Science (Sigelhundas, September 2021)