Vik IV and Inga I

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Preceded by:
Albrecht and Maraigha
Vik IV and Inga I
Twelfth Prince and Princess of Avacal
23 Feb AS XXXVI/2002 – 17 Aug AS XXXVII/2002
Succeeded by:
Ivar and Asney

Vik VIkingsson IV and Inga the the Unfettered I
  • Coronet: 2001/11/24 in Myrgan Wood
  • Investiture: 2002/02/23 in Stonewolf
  • Stepped down: 2002/08/17 in Lakelands

Royal Progress

Quad War XXXVII/2002

More events to be added


Photograph by Roxanne Delaroche.
Photograph by Roxanne Delaroche.