Vik and Inga

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Preceded by:
Owain and Wrenn
Vik and Inga
Fifty-fifth King and Queen of An Tir
10 Jan AS XLIII/2009 – 18 Jul AS XLIV/2009
Succeeded by:
Cedric II and Elizabeth II

Vik Vikingsson and Inga the Unfettered

Royal Progress


As King and Queen:


9-11: Kingdom Twelth Night - Adiantum (Eugene OR)

17: Montengarde Twelfth Night|Montengarde 12th Night - Montengarde (Calgary AB)

24: Ursulmas - Aquaterra (Snohomish County WA)

30 -1: Tournament of Roses - Danescombe (Kelowna BC)


7: n/a

11 - 15: Estrella War - (Phoenix AZ)

21: Wyewood (Seattle WA)

28: Avacal February Investiture - Myrganwood (Saskatoon SK)


7-8: Kingdom Arts & Science Championship - Wastekeep (Pasco WA)

14-15: Daffodil War - Seagirt (Victoria BC)

20-21: Summits Coronet - Glyn Dwfn (Ashland OR)

27-29: open


3-5: open

11-12: open

18 -19: Winter War – Borealis (Edmonton AB)

24-26: Honor War - Lyonsmarche (Lewiston, ID)

File:Avacal Coronet, June 2009 396 TRM Vik and Inga.jpg
TRM Vik and Inga at Avacal June Coronet in Rhuddglyn


1-3: open

9-10: open

15-18: May Crown Tournament XLIV/2009 - Montengarde (Fort Mcleod AB)

22-24: Tir Righ Coronet – Location TBA BC

30-31: open


5-7: Avacal Coronet - Rhuddglyn (Medicine Hat AB)

12-14: Silverwolf - Borealis (Edmonton AB)

19-21: Summits Investiture - Myrtleholt (Grants Pass OR)

27-28: Avacal Tir Righ War (AB/BC Border)


3-5: An Tir West War – An Tir

10-12: Stranded Mermaid - False Isle (Powell River BC)

17-19: July Coronation - Barony of Three Mountains (Estacada OR)


Awards Given

Award of Arms presented to Iuliana de la Sara, Twelfth Night AS XLIII/2009.

All awards in the Avacal OP

Notable Accomplishments