Wernar and Tatiana

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Preceded by:
Kvigr and Shunzei
Wernar and Tatiana
Twenty-second Prince and Princess of Avacal
12 Aug AS XLI/2006 – 24 Feb AS XLI/2007
Succeeded by:
Steinn II and Gemma II
File:Wernar tatiana3.jpg
TH Wernar and Tatiana at Whipping Winds in Artemisia

Royal Progress



Known as the Reign of Tyranny, their Highnesses were often introduced as the Tyrants of Avacal. At the end of the reign, Wernar lost the Coronet of Avacal to His heir Steinn during a game of dice.

File:Wernar tatiana.jpg
TE Wernar and Tatiana as Tanist and Tanista