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Colourful, to say the least, Dante is the face many people remember when they think of Borealis. He is the patriarch of 'House Machiavelli', a large and influential household based in Borealis consisting of 62 members.

Dante Machiavelli is most well known for the “Dante's Inferno” the tavern he runs at Quad War each year. House Machiavelli is one of the most active households in AnTir including participants in all combat disciplines and many of the Arts & Sciences. One of Dante’s greatest claims to fame is the 12 Daughters of Dante. Dante has also been responsible for the building of a rapier war scenario field known as “Cavalier City” and hosting “Dante’s Challenge” and the “Forlorn Hope” at the Quad War location. If you travel to Quad War make sure you stop by the “Inferno” for a drink and some entertainment.

Married to Galena Machiavelli – the love of his life and owner and operator of 'Galena's Closet' one of the most well known seamstresses in the Principality of Avacal.


Mundanely known as Alan Baldwin, and with at least as remarkable a history as his persona.

Awards and Positions

Award of Arms Apr 17 AS 33 / 1999

Champion of Rapier (Borealis) Apr 8 AS 34 / 2000

Goutte de Sang Feb 24 AS 35 / 2001

Silverwolf (Borealis) Apr 7 AS 35 / 2001

Gilded Griffin (Avacal) Dec 8 AS 36 / 2001

Named cadet to Albert Faulke of Sandford, Clinton War 2002 (resigned 2011)

Forget-me-not Jan 11 AS 37 / 2003

Rapier Champion (Avacal) Feb 22 AS 37 / 2003 through Feb 28 AS 38 / 2004

Elder (Avacal) Feb 28 AS 38 / 2004

Champion of Rapier (Borealis) Aug 20 AS 40 / 2005

Iron Gauntlet (Avacal) Feb 25 AS 40 / 2006



Former Armoured fighter (ret) now a Rapier fighter who loves War and hosting duels. He enjoys fine Single Malt sweet Scotch, good entertainment and highly encourages the bardic arts as well as general rabble raising and fun having.


Former bush pilot, now locksmith and manager. Still loves flying and riding his motorcycle as much as possible.

Prepare to Repel Boarders!

Dante is disallowed, by the Queen's decree, from wearing brown pants to SCA events. Be sure to ask him why - but only if he's wearing his red shirt.